Friday, August 6, 2010

Swimmer's Hair

If you or your child are avid swimmers, then you know the havoc it wreaks on your hair. These next two products are a must have for helping your hair with the chlorine from the beloved swimming pools.

First up: Malibu: Swimmers' Wellness. I can tell right away if my daughter's hair has been washed with this or her cheapy swimmers' shampoo. It works magic. Her hair is instantly softer and doesn't have that grainy feel to it.
Next up: it's a 10, miracle leave-in product. Right after the pool or a shower it makes combing out her hair much easier. On dry hair it detangles and adds shine. Best of all, it doesn't weigh the hair down. In the bottle it's a soft cream and comes out of the spray nozzle as a fine mist.
Every so often we do a Malibu treatment at the salon to enhance the other products and make sure there isn't leftover chlorine damaging her hair.

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