Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's how my child eats during the Summer.

Fun Nights With Friends!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday Sleepover!

Photos with Mom.
Strike a pose Birthday Girl!

Playing Zooreka!

Sleepover Ready!
Matching PJs with her American Girl doll.

Showing off their BFF bracelets.

Sleepover coloring fun.

Rocking her matching zebra dress with her American Girl doll.

Swimming Portion

Ready to swim at the Rec. With her pink/zebra swimsuit to match the party theme.

3 girlies floating in a row. The life jackets were just for show I think since they are fish!

With a Bestie!

Shoving Adam off the side.

All wrapped up in her zebra towel. This girl knows how to stay with the theme.

Dinner at Steak N Shake (her choice.)

Next up, the sleepover!

7th Bday Party!

Happy 7th Birthday to K!

Lovely pink & zebra banner made by Etsy seller anticipationcards.
Invitations fron Hobby Lobby.

She had her red velvet/cream cheese icing/pink sprinkle cupcakes in these. Bought from Etsy seller LulusCupcakeBoutique.

Hobby Lobby giftbags.

Gifts Galore!

Cake made by Granny C's Bakery!

The birthday girl waiting to greet guests!

Showing off her shoes from Ebay seller iowaparkdaycare and pink toes!

Showing off her fingernails and bracelet made by Ebay seller sharsh74.

The birthday girl and her balloons! Balloons also from Ebay. Sellers sweetcreationsparties and mackenziem2452.

Ready for cake with her sparkler candles.

American Girl doll!

The kids doing their cute pose.

And their crazy pose!

Next part coming up, swimming!

Bday PJ Fun

Breakfast at Bob Evans (her choice) in her PJS! She still looks half asleep even though it's noon! Of course her new Webkinz from her Dad came to breakfast with us also.
Still looking half asleep she's opening a few gifts before the party.

Happy 7th Birthday Girly!

Sunday was K's 7th Birthday! We had breakfast in her PJs, opened a few gifts before the party, then had a super fun party at the Rec complete with swimming and a sleepover afterwards.
Happy Birthday to my Girly! You're now 7, going on 16 and you make everyday better.
Plenty of birthday filled posts to come.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Toy Story 3

See it.

Aullwood Week

One of K's favorite part of the summer is the classes at Aullwood. This week she was a Pond Hopper.

Closing ceremony on Friday telling what they learned about this week. Being a nature diva with her tomato plant and customized tied up shirt.
Excited to plant her tomato plant and watch it grow! (Even if she won't eat a tomato.)

Goody Spin Pin

Summer is here! We're heading to the beach, the pool and dealing with what havoc the humidity wrecks on our hair. I was a Goody Spin Pin ($5.99 at any drugstore) skeptic, but I tried it anyway. It looks like 2 huge spiral bobby pins that you spin one in the top and one in the bottom of a bun you make with no pony tail holder. They come in blonde and brunette. Super easy and super cute. Now I'm a believer. It makes a quick messy bun. I did use one or two bobby pins to hold in extra layers that were sticking out but that is all.
I think the Spin Pin will be my friend this summer after the pool. This girl isn't a big ponytail fan.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Plenty of Randoms Headed Your Way

So, I've always thought, "I should start a blog to keep track of my ramblings and our life." Just never have, until now. I'll do my best to stay on top of things here and try to keep you entertained. This is now my outlet for my ramblings and day to day things. This week is my daughter K's 7th birthday extravaganza. There should be plenty of things to post for that. Just don't expect much of it to make sense or to be very PC.